arjun June 20, 2018

What is likely the key defining trait of green energy is that it produces virtually no hazardous by-product or pollutants that would damage the surrounding environment, unlike more common energy resources that are used today, like traditional oil and fossil-fuels. Things like the rays of the sun, which is what is used to generate solar power, as well as other things like the power of the wind, are completely natural, safe for the environment, and virtually unlimited as an energy resource. Not only that, but they are completely free resources that can be harnessed by the everyday person.

It’s obvious that green energy has many more overall benefits than it has disadvantages. After all, if there were too many disadvantages to renewable energy resources, why would anybody want to use them? For those that are concerned with the state and the health of the Earth, the advantage is of green energy should be already as clear as day, as it is considered a very progressive energy resource and there is virtually no environmental impact to speak of.

Another notable trait of alternative energy resources is the sheer amount of money that can be saved by utilizing resources such as solar energy and wind power. When you consider that the cost of public utilities and general fossil fuel electricity has been rising steadily over the years, green energy resources can be much more appealing, especially to the common home owner. The reason for this is because things like solar energy are completely free, and all you need to take advantage of such an incredible resource is to utilize a solar panel, or several solar panels, which is known as a solar array. What these solar panels do is gather the solar energy, which as a reminder once more is a free resource, and store it inside of a battery which will be directly connected to your home or place of residence, and will thereby power any electrical applications that you may run, all of which will now effectively taking advantage of the power of the sun.

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