arjun January 20, 2019

Producing renewable energy powered generators for unfaltering energy supply and cut down the cost of energy utilization. Harnessing renewable energy resources for a clean energy supports the environment as well as the future. Here are five of the best renewable energy innovations.

First thing that come in mind when renewable energy is mentioned would be the solar panels. They come in all sizes to fit the needs of every household. When it first came out solar panels are so tiny it can only power a calculator. There are two types of solar panels, first is the solar thermal collector that heats waters for consumption or homes.

A solar thermal collector is basically made of an insulator box and a black metal absorber. Natural convection takes place with solar thermal panels and is widely used in sunny European countries to cut down water heating costs. The other is the photovoltaic panel. These are solar panels that are made of wafer based crystalline silicone cells or a thin- film based on cadmium telluride or silicone. It converts light energy, thus the name photovoltaic, into energy by photovoltaic effect. Solar panel reduces carbon emission in the atmosphere promoting cleaner energy.

Second is the windmill. Water as a renewable energy resource has been known to man since the late 600 AD. Windmills are used to grind up produce and draw water up water. Modern wind mills or properly known as wind turbines makes use of the wind to produce electricity. Wind turbines convert kinetic wind energy into mechanical energy then into electricity. There are two types of wind turbines, namely the horizontal axis wind turbine and the vertical axis wind turbine. Between the two, the horizontal axis wind turbine is more common than the other. Everybody can recognize a tall tower with horizontal axis blades are called wind turbines.

Third is a biomass powered generator. Who knew that there’s a Do It Yourself version of this contraption. Now left over food and animal litter has more usage other than fertilizers. On a larger scale, biomass, being the most abundant of all can generate powers providing large farmlands and forests. A renewable energy company that utilizes biomass normally makes use of the biomass steam cycle to generate electricity. Other ways of utilizing biomass is by extracting biomass fuel from decaying materials.

Fourth is making use of tidal power. Tidal steam generators produce incredible amounts of energy due to the high density of water flowing from the ocean. Geographically speaking, this type of renewable energy is only available to countries that have access to the sea or coastal areas.  It is considered as one of the best long term renewable energy resources in the world. Using tidal turbines rather than coals to run heavy machineries can reduce the output of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere.

Last would be nuclear powered generators. Although it is highly debatable, nuclear power is an abundant resource for us to utilize. It can generate power twice as much as fuel and other resources combined. The downside of this would be that there are much health risks involved in putting up a nuclear power plant. However, companies still need effective renewable energy marketing, in order to be able to succeed in their fields, as most people are not aware of the great benefits of using alternative energy resources.

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