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4 Ways to Block Emails

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Getting unwanted promotional emails in your inbox can be quite frustrating. If you want to know how to block an email address in Gmail, there are various ways to do so and most of them don’t take more than a minute.

Here are 4 ways by which you can block a particular email address. Either to stop annoying promotional spam mails or to block another user:

1.Mark as Spam:

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The best way to block a certain mail from reaching you is by marking it as a spam mail. How to block an email address in Gmail? To do so, you need to select the ‘Report as Spam’ option within your mail client. All future emails from that particular mail id will then automatically land in the spam folder and will not fill your main inbox. This particular method works best if the unwanted mail is a personalized email.

2.Block Messages from Particular Senders:

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The problem with the above method is that Google’s filters aren’t 100 per cent effective. Though theymanage block most spam emails, some occasional junk mail might slip out and find its way to your inbox. So a better option is to block that particular Gmail sender. Gmail continuously puts in effortsto make their platform more user-friendly. Working in this direction, it has added the feature of blocking specific email addresses with two simply clicks. All you need to do in order to block an email address is to open the mail sent from the unwanted sender and use the message dropdown menu which is in the form of an upside down triangle, to select “Block [Sender Name]” and confirm your choice. This will block all future emails from this sender. If at any time you change your mind, unblocking the ID is equally as easy.

3.Route it to Trash:

Different email service providers give their users different features and options. But, almost all of them provide automating delivery features like routing emails from one mail ID to another. Let’s say, you forward your Hotmail to your Gmail. Now, note the address it is coming from and route it to the trash. This way, the email will directly go to trash. These emails can be cleared on regular intervals or, will be cleared automatically after a pre-set amount of time.


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Companies have various promotion newsletters and emails that are sent to email lists on a regular basis. Deleting them every day can be a problem. To stop receiving such emails, hit the ‘unsubscribe’ often written in the smallest font at the bottom of the email. This will ensure that you do not receive any further emails from that particular company in the future.

These are the 4 best answers to the question how to block an email address in Gmail. They will make your life a lot easier and keep your inbox looking uncluttered and organised.

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